Review of Villa Bruna Resort

Are you looking for lodging around Italy? If, you are looking for luxurious accommodation and have low prices, you can visit Villa Bruna Resort. This villa has various types of room variants starting from single bed rooms to double bed rooms.
In addition, the location of this villa is very strategic because it is close to several museums and churches. This makes it easier for you to worship or make visits to several museums around the villa.

History of Built Villa Bruna

This villa was founded in 1975 by a foreign investor named Bruno. At this time Bruno visited rural areas in Italy and felt a cool sensation with a very beautiful natural nuance. Finally, the investor decided to set up an inn for the village visitors so they could feel the sensation he felt at that time. Five years later, in 1975, Villa Bruna Resort was finally established.
At the beginning of the opening period the villa was still relatively quiet because the village was still untouched from other cities. At that time, Bruno, as the founder of the villa, began to feel restless because of the lack of visitors to the village. Within five years the villa started to have visitors and continues to grow until now.
Within ten years of the villa being founded, Bruno began renovating the villa to create a luxurious villa impression. From time to time, this villa always renovates both the interior and the outer part to keep up with current trends. If you visit Villa Bruna at this time, you will find a Millennial Villa with a very modern design. That’s a brief history of the Villa Bruna building in Italy.

Attractive Facilities of Villa Bruna

Luxurious villas, of course, have complete facilities. Some of the interesting facilities are swimming pool, gym / fitness, spa & luxurious lounge. If you rent this villa, you can get free wifi, free breakfast, and free parking.
For standard rooms, the Villa Bruna rooms consist of AC, safe, refrigerator, safe for storing valuables, wardrobe, TV, hairdryer, and a bathroom equipped with a bath up. However, there is an important note that you must remember, namely that you are prohibited from smoking while in the villa room.
If you have more budget you can rent a deluxe room from Villa Bruna. Through this luxurious room, you will be presented with a much more elegant interior and several sophisticated features, ranging from automatic window shutters, beautiful mountain and ocean views through the bedroom window, Wine or Champagne. If we talk about room area, of course, this room area is much larger than the standard room. This room is divided into 2 floors and consists of several rooms, starting from the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms on the second floor. You can also enjoy the Spa directly from your room by calling the therapist who has been provided. Besides that, you will also get a private pool in the villa room you are staying in. Very luxurious, right? You also not only get breakfast, you will also get lunch to dinner which is very luxurious.
Then other interesting facilities are in the outdoor villa. The outdoor villa provides several facilities such as an area for picnics, an outdoor dining area with views of the vast green grass, and there are several outbound rides that you can enjoy, such as flying fox, ATV, and paint ball.
If you want to enjoy natural attractions from Italy, you can visit the closest beaches. Villa Bruna is near Olbia beach. If you drive by motorbike, you can reach Olbia beach in about 10 minutes from Villa Bruna.

Price information for Villa Bruna

For pricing information, this villa accommodation consists of several types of rooms. Here are the details of some of the rooms from Villa Bruna Italia:

  • Standard Room
    This room consists of one room that is directly fixed on the mattress like a normal hotel. However, the bathroom you use has provided bath up facilities. For this room price you have to spend $ 200-250 per night. Different prices depending on your additional order. Usually people rent 1 more mattress to sleep 4 people.
  • 2 BR room
    This room consists of one room which has two bedrooms. For an area larger than the standard room. It is suitable for those of you who are married and have children. The facilities offered are also not much different from standard rooms, which differ only in the number of bedrooms provided. For the price of this room you have to spend $ 400-450 per night.
  • Loft Room
    Next is the loft room. This room consists of two floors which is quite spacious when compared to the two rooms above. This room has a first floor design which is filled with a living room, kitchen, dining room and work space. On the second floor there are three separate rooms consisting of one main bedroom and two rest rooms. There are three bathrooms for the bathroom. The first bathroom is on the 1st floor, and 1 bathroom is on the second floor and 1 main bathroom is on the second floor main bedroom. In the main bathroom, of course, it is much different in terms of size, and there is a bath up for soaking which is equipped with various kinds of quality soaps. In the morning breakfast will be delivered directly to your room without having to go down to the villa restaurant as well as lunch or dinner hours. At dinner time, guests are usually offered a bottle of wine or a bottle of champagne. The price per night in this loft type room ranges from $ 700 – 1000 per night.

Those are some brief reviews of Villa Bruna in Italy. How? Are you interested in visiting? If you want to visit this villa, its location is very strategic, only 5 kilometers from the airport. That’s some interesting information this time, if you want to visit, you can call the number listed on this website. thanks.

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